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A Quickie

Hey, Tiger fans, how do you know that no one cares about what went on during your spring game?  Here's one quick indicator from The State's (Columbia, SC) college football blog, which had this to say about LSU in their rap-up of spring football in the SEC:

LSU: Coach Les Miles might be a little behind when it comes to Twitter, but he’s planning to catch up. With Richt and Tennessee coach Lane Kiffin among the conference coaches already using the microblogging site to reach out to recruits and fans, Miles plans to follow their lead.

Really?  Les Miles is on Twitter?  That makes me wonder what impact Rhianna and T.I.'s breakup is going to have on Jordan Jefferson's season.  Now, assuming that Rhianna and T.I. are real people, that I have not fabricated their celebrelationship, and that Les Miles is really getting on Twitter, why would anyone write anything about any of those subjects?

Here's hoping that the Hat's newsworthy internet exploits mean that the Bayou Bengals have not found any of the following:  


  1. their national championship swagger
  2. an LSU-like come-from-nowhere running back
  3. the shortest distance between the hands of Jordan Jefferson and any reciever
  4. a defense ... any defense.