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Hub City Hate Speech

I did not really expect this to ease quietly passed the internet browsings of Cup fans, but neither could I, in good conscience, let the day end without reminding you all, once again, how this racism is killing me inside.

From the Clarion-Ledger:

Blakeney Communications has issued an apology over a sexually explicit and racist conversation between several of its employees that was broadcast Saturday during the University of Southern Mississippi's spring football game.

And if you thought that was funny, roll that beautiful bean footage of Richard Giannini, Southern Miss AD, explaining why it's no big deal that his contractors discussed copulating with a picnic table and the imminent demise of an anonymous "n----- school."

Fewer than 50 people heard the live webcast, according to Southern Miss athletic director Richard Giannini.

Thank goodness nobody cares about Southern Miss football.  Got better things to do down in Hattiesburg, like, you know, gamble and get tattoos.

In all seriousness, I lament that it's socially acceptable to talk the way those guys were talking, but as long as we treat them like they are the exception and not the rule, Mississippi ain't 'bout to change.  Call these boys what you want to call them, just don't call them uncommon because you know you've got a brother, uncle, or crazy old grandad that's laying down N bombs and crude sexual jokes every time he thinks nobody's looking.