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Andy Kennedy's Wrists Slapped

"I've got your 'justice' right here!"
"I've got your 'justice' right here!"

A $100 fine, 6 months of probation, and 40 hours of community service is all the punishment Rebel basketball coach Andy Kennedy will endure as he plead guilty to a disorderly conduct charge this afternoon in a Cincinnati courtroom

To whomever may be a part of the Kennedy legal team: nice work.  I mean, for an international altercation, we sure got the lucky end of the bargain and can finally move on with regards to the whole situation.

More commentary to follow from your friends here at the Cup.  Oh, and speaking of commentary, check out the comment thread from the Clarion Ledger.  It's like watching an amputee boxing match in that the competitors are taking this way too seriously while the audience contemplates walking out once the initial amusement wears off.