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Rebel Roundup - S-E-C!

Rebel Tennis Team Completes a Perfect SEC Season - 11 and O.  Wow.  No matter which way you slice it, that's ballin'.  The Cup was recently asked to deliver a message on behalf of Senior netter Jonas Berg which goes as follows: Jag aer sae jaevla kaaat, LSU! 

Baseball Team Posed to Make a Move - With the 2nd best overall record and sharing the 3rd best SEC record with LSU, the Diamond Rebs could make a serious jump this weekend.  Problem is, the #1 Georgia Bulldogs will be in town.  A series win or the highly unlikely sweep will go a long, long way in earning a solid postseason berth.  Yours truly will be in Oxford for the duration of the series so if you see a guy who kinda-sorta-but-not-really looks like he runs an Ole Miss sports blog eiter awkwardly sober or annoyingly drunk, feel free to say hello.

Enrique "In-Ricky" Davis Conducts Himself in a Disorderly Fashion - And is subsequently tossed in the clinker for a night.  If one man's testimony is worth any weight, Enrique will be pleased to know that the Lafayette County Detention Center serves a pretty solid french toast breakfast.  I haven't put together my updated All-Perrilloux Team in a while, so expect that soon.