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Baseball in the Bluff City

I just got in from MemPISS (get it?  I replaced phis with PISS!  LOL!), and the Rebels again found a way to win a one run game.  The team scored three runs in the top of the first frame, and then went down 6-3 at one point.  It took theam a while to inch their way back into the game, but for the second day in a row, they got a clutch hit from an unexpected source...

It was the top of the ninth, and the Rebels were down 6-5.  With two outs and two strikes, Kyle Henson blooped a ball ( claims he "singled up the middle."  Not true.  It was a bloop) into centerfield allowing Power to score.  Matt Smith then came to bat a promptly flew out to right-center.

In the top of the tenth with two outs and two strikes, Jordan Henry singled to right field to score Zach Miller from second.  This gave the Rebels their final margin of victory at 7-6. 

It should also be noted that Jake Morgan got the win, and he did it by striking out 5 of the 6 batters he faced.  Is anyone else really impressed with Jake Morgan?

Whoopty doo!  What does it all mean?  Well, the Rebels survived (I'm sure that is the appropriate word to use here) their three midweek games, and now they face off against Kentucky.  One Man to Beat will have that preview up on Friday for you, but Kentucky is 4-5 in the SEC.  If we are to stay in the SEC West and overall race, we have to sweep Kentucky.   

For me, I cannot wait until Sunday to see "The Bittler."


I would like to thank DYMongoose for hookin up the cup with this snazzy photoshop job.  Ladies and Gentlemen, He's back.........