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Grove Bowl: Initial Thoughts and Stats That May Be Accurate

There's more to come, but these are some initial reactions as well as quick stats.

I didn't keep stats for the fourth quarter because I don't care how many tackles Trey Tripp had.

Jevan - 11/15 - 251 yards, 3 TDs
Stanley - 4/6 - 14 yds
Tapp - 2/6 - 70 yds
Moore - 2/3 - 43 yds

Bolden - 4 carries, 72 yds, TD
Eason - 3 carries, 13 yards TD
Thomas - 5 carries, 62 yards TD
Sterling - 3 carries, 12 yards
Tapp - 1 carry, 8 yards
McCluster - 1 carry, 20 yds
Enrique - 2 carries, 12 yds

Shay - 3 recs, 35 yards, TD
Bolden - 1 rec, 2 yards
McCluster - 2 recs, 34 yards, TD
Hartman - 1 rec, 20 yards
Summers - 2 recs, 110 yds, TD
E. Davis - 2 recs, -3 yards
Andrew Harris - 1 rec, 50 yards
Lionel 1 rec, 50 yards
Contartesi - 3 recs, 67 yards

Ingram - 3 tackles
Antonio Turner - 3 sacks, FF

I have other D stats, but none stand out.

I admit to have missed several plays, and there were several that I just didn't record. Sorry. I'll let you all read the rest of this report for free.

Quick hits:

Jevan is good. Don't worry. We're solid.
Nathan Stanley is good. He had a beautiful throw that was just out of bounds to Andrew Harris.
Andrew Harris is going to contribute.
Brandon Bolden is amazing. He only played one drive but dominated the offense on the drive.
Cordera Eason is probably our fourth best back.
The Shay/Jevan timing is still incredible. Shay's TD was on a fade stop. Great play.
The defensive line dominated the offensive line on most plays. Craig Drummond is going to be a star when he gets his shot. Also, Antonio Turner is good. If he ever gets to play, there shouldn't be too much of a drop off.
The starting linebackers only played a few plays. The backups are actually better than I expected. Lamar Brumfield has gotten significantly faster.
Jerrell Powe commands a double team every play and still moves the line.
Bradley Sowell has a good bit of work to do.

That's it for now. I'm going to watch the replay and look at a bit more that I may have missed.