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Rebel Roundup - Hype

ESPN Still Loves the Rebels - This is unchartered waters for us Rebel fans.  I mean, ESPN doesn't find us disgusting and insignificant?  Wow.  Mark Schlabach sums the cause of our expectations pretty well in the linked article.  You'll like it. 

Rebel Signee to Beat Up Germans, Japanese, Etc. - Evan Swindall, one of Houston Nutt's many recent signees, will play center for the US Youth National Team in the inaugural world championship of American Football... or something weird like that.  Congrats, Evan.

The Andy Kennedy Situation Should End Soon - At least, David Brandt says so.  More from the Cup to follow on this.

Really? - What does home field advantage mean in the SEC?  Diddley Squat, according to Get The Picture.  While, the numbers don't lie, it may be a bit misleading to lump all SEC teams together.  For example, over the last few years, Florida and LSU rarely lost at home (xcept 4 dis year lmao HoTtY tOdDy) while we Rebels rarely won anywhere.