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Ideal Recruiting Part Two - 16-20

Today kicks off the second wave of my (totally uninformed and non-)expert analysis of who would help comprise the best 25 players we can actually hope to sign.

If you missed part one, here it is. If you're up to speed, there's more.... after the jump.

This group is full of linemen. I think it's important to sign virtually an entire line on both sides of the ball every year. I know it's been said way too much, but the battle in the trenches, generally, wins or loses the war on the field.

20. Vincent Sanders - WR - Macon, MS - Patrick Patterson's former teammate begins day two's list. Sanders appears to have the skill set of a faster-than-normal possession receiver much like his former teammate. His 6'3" frame and soft hands help him get to balls that would otherwise be uncatchable. This coming February's receiving class probably has to be able to contribute relatively immediately, and Sanders has a good chance to do that. Sanders also displays adequate ability with the ball in space and appears to have operated at QB some in running situations at Noxubee. An improbable Wild Rebel candidate, due to his lack of elite quickness, Sanders could still be utilized in some sort of running plays much like Breaux was last season (though without that same high-level speed).

19. Wes Rea - OG - Gulfport, MS - If Massie and McCray qualify, we'll be in a relatively good position with OTs. I think the focus next year will be on guards, and Rea is a good one. He displays good drive blocking capabilities, as his feet keep going for the whole play. However, his pads are far too high on several plays in his highlight film. Still, his quickness to engage and incredible speed for the position (also plays DT and disrupts most plays) make him a very good player, and I hope we make a significant run at him.

18. Kaleb Eulls - DE - Pickens, MS - I'm going to be honest with this. His video is only slightly impressive. His early offers from Alabama and LSU are really what put him on the list for me. Also, it's possible that I was star-crazy and saw that he is 55th in Rivals Top 100. Anyway, as stated earlier, it's important for us to sign a solid defensive line class this year considering the ends we are losing.

17. Carlos Thompson - DE - Hollandale, MS - At the recent Nike combine event held in Fort Worth, Thompson walked away with defensive lineman MVP honors. He has the height that our coaches go gaga over (6'5"), and is a stellar pass rusher, displaying a good ability to shed blocks quickly and locate the ball carrier.

16. O.C. Brown - OG - Memphis, TN - Well before any rating came out or he was even offered by any school, I desperately wanted O.C. Brown to be a Rebel. He still doesn't have an offer from our staff, and I can't fathom why that may be. I've never seen a player with Brown's ability as a pulling guard. [M]Ann Coulter may think that pulling guards are dumb, but I love to see a good one play the sport. You've seen it: there's always that safety or linebacker who thinks they have a play on the halfback when, all of a sudden, out of nowhere comes this sprinting giant who absolutely obliterates them. I found his video on YouTube and felt the need to share it. He's spectacular.

Also, Brown has that whole, I'm a big black guy who was adopted by wealthy white people in Memphis, thing going for him. If you'll recall, that worked fairly well for some other Ole Miss offensive lineman.