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David Huertas Could be a Pirate

I'm sure you've all heard the rumors that SG David Huertas has plans on going "pro" after this school year.  Some folks say it's 100%, some folks say that we're not really sure, and other folks wrote something about it in Spanish.  I, being ignorant, can't read Spanish but Smeargle, a good FoTC, can. 

In continuing with the generally racially insensitive motif for this year's Rebel basketball season, Smeargle's translation is after the jump.

With looks to add to their local talent for next season in the Puerto Rica wanna be NBA, the Queb Pirates have started talks with David Huertas.

21 years old, he's one of the stars of LOS REBELDES de University of Em-eye-crooked letter-eye-crooked letter-eye-hump back-EYEEEEEE (with accent)

The pirates coach already explained that he's got plans to talk to Huertas and his family this weekend.

"This weekend, we have a meeting to talk to David and his step father and we hope it will go well. The academic year is coming to an end and he's looking at his option of one more competitive year or coming out. At the end of this year, we understand that he is ready to make some money, and we are in a good position to reach an agreement with him."

Thanks, Smeargle.  Be certain to keep us updated with all of the Rebel goings-on in not-America for everybody.