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Readership Poll

Greg H, one of our dedicated readers, brought up an interesting point: we've got a lot of lurkers.  While we are still new to SBNation, it's interesting to see that we have about 90 members but get around 1,000 visits a day.  While some of the visitors view the site several per day and others may simply stumble upon our site through a Google search, I find this to be indicative of a solid, loyal core of readers.


But, just out of curiosity on our and Greg H's part, when did you start reading the Cup?  There's a poll below but if you know of a specific post or event which led you here, let us know.  Not only is it interesting, but perhaps it'll give us a better grasp as to what we need to do to keep readers coming.

Vote, now.


How long have you been reading the Cup?

This poll is closed

  • 18%
    Since the beginning (March 2008)
    (47 votes)
  • 18%
    Early on (April-May 2008)
    (46 votes)
  • 26%
    Last Summer (June-August 2008)
    (67 votes)
  • 0%
    Whenever you started mentioning Arkansas (I'm a troll)
    (2 votes)
  • 26%
    Football Season (September-January 2008)
    (66 votes)
  • 6%
    Very recently (February 2008 - )
    (16 votes)
  • 2%
    Today (where in the hell am I?)
    (7 votes)
251 votes total Vote Now