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Wednesday Practice Notes

We had a field reporter out today who took a few notes for us. We'll be sure to chastise him profusely if you don't like his work.


-The Rebels were in full pads for the second day, and started practice with stretches, bull in the ring drills, and a motivational sermon from the right reverend himself.  From what we could tell, the defense had the advantage in the bullrings

-After defensive line coach Terry Price gave praise to tackle Jerrell Powe, it was good to see him follow through come through a second day in a row. Powe showed some nice speed and moves in knockdown drills.

-It has been reported all over the interwebs that Price is a screamer, and he didn’t disappoint in person. He’s a mean summabitch, and I would estimate that one out of every four words that came out of his mouth during one line drill would be qualified as "gutter language."  A direct quote from Price to a lineman after a long Dexter McCluster run, "Get that soft ass shit outta here. Get the hell out!"

-Safety Johnny Brown seemed to have trouble in coverage drills: he did a poor job estimating where one pass was going and on another play he dropped a potential pick that was in his bread basket.  He has performed admirably thus far in practice but today was nowhere close to his best effort.

-During the first play of passing drills, Snead hit wideout Markeith Summers for a long touchdown on a busted coverage assignment. Both Summers and fellow junior receiver Lionel Breaux have been getting a ton of reps and opportunities this Spring and have been producing. It’s assuring to know the Rebels will have a solid one and two after the graduation of McCluster and Shay Hodge.

-Speaking of passing drills, corner Marshay Green continues to make plays every day. I haven’t seen a Rebel receiver shake this guy with very much success this spring.

-After Snead hit Summers for the long score, he missed on his next three throws. Let's hope he was worn out from some, ahem, extracurricular activities.  Billy Tapp and Nathan Stanley got most of the reps during game simulation.

-The coaches tried out a nifty play with McCluster motioning out wide from the backfield. When the ball was snapped it appeared he was going to run some sort of a wheel route, but he made a cut back towards the ball for a nice screen play complete with a multitude of Rebel blockers.  If my memory fails me not, we ran something very similar during the Cotton Bowl with some success.

-The wild rebel was run several times on the day, with McCluster gaining solid yardage every time including a big gain on a nice sweep play.

-Another receiver who has been showing up is Andrew "grill" Harris. Harris has been making athletic catches down the sidelines since spring practice has commenced.  He's pretty tall, has long arms, and has really demonstrated his athleticism.