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We Interrupt This Broadcast For Some Shameless Self-Promotion

As sometimes happens, various individuals associated with the Ole Miss Athletic Program become eligible for some recognition that depends upon the participation (read: votes) of the fan base.  Does shameless solicitation comport with our mission of snarky independence?  Not really, no.  But, then again, ascribing any real overriding "mission" to this collection of egos and profanities is, likely, an exercise in futility - almost as frustrating as convincing your roommates that the television was left on Lifetime because you were watching Frasier last night and that such a programming choice is okay.

No life to literature application there.  Anyway, here I am again, breaking the rules.  Go vote for Michael White.

Do I know what the BasketballScoop 2009 Basketball Coaches of the Year Powered by Critical Reload is?  No.  Criteria?  No clue.  For all I know, it's an award given out by a group of "experts" with all the basketball credentials of, well, Red Cup Rebellion.  Right now, Michael White "leads" all other nominees except Charlie Ernst of Findlay (wherever that is) with 25% of the vote and 527 votes.

I clicked the link because I'm shameless.  I voted for White because ... I'm shameless.  I justified this whole exercise with the excuse that Michael White is in fact a good assistant coach, and that I - though knowing practically nothing about assisting, or coaching, or even basketball - recognized only Michael White's name among the list of nominees.

We apologize for the interruption and assure our reading audience that the latest installment of "[Insert name of amateur twenty-something athlete] totally sucks and should hate himself and his life because [insert semi-rational reasoning]" will be broadcast in its entirety.