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Rebel Roundup: Football Links

Where in the Hell did he find that Picture - Dr. Saturday examines our oversigning in a newer, somewhat-more-sinister-but-certainly-more-cunning light and postulates that Houston Nutt and staff are forming their very own farm system.  The last time a farm system based on the physical abilities of predominantly black men was established in Mississippi was back whe....  err, oops.  Didn't mean to go there.

Da Lil' Bastid to aid Little Bastards - Damn, I'm going to rot in Hell for that.  Dexter McCluster will be singing in a local variety show to benefit Angel Ranch, a local emergency shelter for children.  I had no clue the guy could sing but more power to him.  Those of us who have had the opportunity to meet Dex can attest to him being a genuinely kind and considerate person and wouldn't put the adjective of "charitable" past him.  To see him actively help the community sheds even more positive light on him and our football program as a whole so, yeah, tha'ts nice.

Practice "Highlights" up on InsideTheGrove's YouTube Channel - If Houston Nutt awkwardly punting a football, offensive line drills, and Greg Hardy being strange are what you consider highlights, then click here!  I know it isn't great, but it's football, dammit.  I also love the background music, complements of Ty Allashushshisihski's MacBook.

Looking to Replace Peria - Chris Low examine's the leadership void left by Peria Jerry at DT.  While Jerry earned his All-American honors by skraight up ruining dudes, he also was a successful motivator and leader.  When watching the LSU game or the Cotton Bowl (both of which will never leave my Tivo), one can't help but notice how every defensive player amplifies their level of play when Peria is on a roll.  Honestly, Powe + Laurent + Scott may be able to replace him athletically, but someone is going to seriously need to step up into that leadership role soon if we plan on having as dominant a D as we did towards the end of last season.