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CA reporting Calipari to Kentucky

The Commercial Appeal is reporting that John Calipari is headed to the University of Kentucky.

So the question... is this bad for Ole Miss?

I got the idea for this poll from NAFOOM. A poster there (don't remember who) asked this same question a few days ago to minimal reponses.

I think that it would be very bad for our basketball program. We have recently benefited from Memphis' prominence nationally in recruiting. If they had gotten Memphis offers, I doubt that either Terrico or Reggie Buckner would have signed with us. It has been good to have memphis bringing in five star players left and right because that has allowed us to skim from their talent pool.

I hope that they sign another high profile coach who can wow recruits from around the nation. I don't want to close the pipeline that currently runs from the city of Memphis to Oxford.

So write this one down as one "cupper" who hopes Memphis can contnue hiring excellent recruiters.