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Rebel Roundup

Rebels Netters Beat So. Carolina; Penis Jokes Translate Poorly Into Swedish.  Sunday's match at Palmer-Salloum was about as exciting as tennis gets - at least for the first hour.  The Rebels won the doubles point and the match, but while the latter came easily (4-0), the former did not.  Norber and Sauer took their match 9-7, while #1 and #2 doubles went to tiebreakers before Bram ten Berge and Jonas Berg won 9-8 (7-4).  It might not have blocked extra point in the Swamp intense, but it was at least go-ahead touchdown over Wake Forest intense (you know, without all the subsequent unpleasantness of losing).

Even More Tennis.  Billy Chadwick will take your questions now.  Ole Miss does this regular Q/A thing.  This time, you can ask questions of Billy Chadwick.  How?  This is how.

We Lost to LSU.  And we can't blame it on the pitching staff.

We Are Still Talking About Practice.  Sunday's practice was canceled, hence the lack of a practice report yesterday.  Today, however, the leather-head Rebs will move outside and practice in pads.  Lucky for them running sprints in this weather will be cool and crisp, as opposed to the Mississippi norm - something akin to running through a giant block of sweat-flavored Jell-O.  3:50 p.m. start time.  Maybe we'll have something for you if you've been good.

Oh Shit, Bama's on the Case! - Check out Deep South Sports where Erik shares a pretty interesting story concerning Bobbie Massie's recruitment.  This story supposedly comes from the polar-bear-wearing-a-human-suit himself but, even if it isn't authentic, it's still pretty interesting.  How interesting, you ask?  Well, it's interesting enough to have given Erik some interesting conspiracy theories and threats in his blog's comments.