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Rebels headed for "rubber match" in Sunday's game

The Rebels' rally in the top of the 9th fell short when Evan "how can I make a 25 man travel roster" Button struck out with two men on.  It was impressive rally, but we came up one run short.  

I really wanted this one as it would be huge to have the series victory over Alabama and LSU.  However, we still have that chance.  

Now, Arkansas leads the SEC West at 7-0 (not sure about Saturday's game).  LSU and Ole Miss are tied at 5-3.  Winning tomorrow's game is crucial to stay in the SEC West race.

Sunday, 1:00 pm

OM - Scott Bittle, Sr., RHP, (1-2, 5.06 ERA)

LSU - Austin Ross, Frosh., RHP (3-2, 2.86 ERA)

I will stick by my prediction of 3-1 LSU.  I hope I am wrong!