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The Cup Remembers: Emo Greg Hardy

Does this honestly need an introduction?


 You remember the letters we wrote to our upcoming oppoents on behalf of certain members of our defensive line, right?  Here, let the following jot your memory:

Alright, that was fun.  But where did this all begin?  The simple answer would be, of course, the damaged, perverted mind of Whiskey Wednesday.  If I recall correctly, he and I were admiring Greg Hardy's official Ole Miss football photo while watching the replay of one of this last season's games and couldn't help but notice a few things--his haircut, his angst riddled glare, his pouting--which likened him to an emo kid.

Just look.  Do you not see it?


This "look," when combined with Greg Hardy's bizarrely esoteric behavior and attitude was really everything a furtive bloggeur could want.

Anyway, as an experienced employee of places like coffee shops and knife stores, Whiskey Wednesday had ample enough experience to unleash Greg Hardy's true, emotional potential.

Emo Greg Hardy was born.  

Please God/Allah/Yaweh, let's hope the real Greg Hardy has a damn good sense of humor.


Well, I'm pretty sure this concludes our "The Cup Remembers" series.  Stay tuned for a poll allowing our readers the chance to choose their favorite Cup posts over the last year.