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Weekend Athletic Schedule

Basketball over?  Baseball on the road?  Also totally sucks?  Yes.  Yes.  And talk to Brian Walker about that one.  But there's still some outlets for athletic voyeurism around Oxpatch.

Women's Tennis hosts Florida.  Friday, 3:00.  Recently cracking the Top 35 (don't judge, just roll with their crazy rankings system) the Ole Miss Women host Florida.  Word around the campfire is that there might be some rain this afternoon, meaning this match will likely be played at the Gillom Center, which is that thing across from the Basketball Practice Facility, chauvinist.

Football Practice.  Friday, 3:50.  We will once again be talking about practice.  this one is taking place at the Indoor Practice Facility, so no rain-out for the Right Reverend Nutt.

Softball hosts Arkansas.  Saturday, 3:00.  It's fan appreciation day, so 3 Guys Pizza will be giving away free food.  I have never been ashamed of attending minor sporting events primarily for the free meal.  Softball is no exception.  My belligerent opposition to the visiting team will more than outweigh the trifling expense of feeding me.

Men's Tennis hosts South Carolina.  Sunday, 1:00.  The netters are ranked #2 in the country according to the Campbell's ITA rankings, which have little basis in ration.  Two weeks ago, the Rebels were ranked #3.  After beating two Top 25 teams on the road, they fell to #5 in the rankings behind Georgia and Tennessee, who they beat two weeks prior.  After dominating wins over West Florida and Florida A & M - whose teams are about as sporty as you'd expect - Britton, Berg, ten Berge and the boys are up to #2.  This makes no sense.  Where was I?  Oh yeah, we're matching up against the Gamecocks on Sunday.  Penis joke omitted.