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Unsubstantiated, Second-Hand Rumored Fallout From Pro Day

The "Pro Day" Exhibition for draft eligible practically-former Rebels was, of course, held yesterday morning at the Indoor Practice Facility.  I have little to contribute in the way of news regarding this event, except the second-hand musings of Jason Cook.

For those who are not worshippers of Mr. Cook, the English major, who is the rare exception to the fiction of scholar athletes, can string together words in a mechanism called a "sentence" that somehow expresses complex ideas.  Unfortunately, the blocking fullback is not always the sexiest draft choice.  So, I have wondered if Jason has a future playing football.

Second-hand word from Cook, though, is that he does and that, for him at least, Pro Day could not have gone better.  Maybe its self-interested optimism, maybe some scout is pumping sunshine up his back door, but Cook says he's getting interest from Chicago.  That might just be the perfect place for him, since the Bears have not had a quarterback who can consistently throw passes, y'know, down-field and all, seemingly since they kept livestock in the city.

Anyone with second- or third-hand, unsubstantiated reports of the destinies of our heroes, feel free to share them below.