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The Cup Remembers: Squawk 'Em Hawk 'Em

It was the best of times. It was the worst of times.

When I foresaw that I would be unable to do a blogger Q & A for ULM as I had done for several schools up to that point, I (perhaps with some help) had the idea to create a fake blog. There's still a little dispute over how it came about, since Whiskey Wednesday still swears up and down that it was his idea so there, Whiskey, I dropped your name.  You cool now?

Anyway, I was going to name it Rock Em Hawk Em. When I was telling Ghost of Jay Cutler the idea, he bursted from the seams while suggesting "Squawk 'Em Hawk 'Em" among his horribly sounding giggles.  The laughter that I emitted while sitting alone in a coffee shop (see: the least funny place on Earth) made it clear to us that that should be the name. The rest, as people who use cliches too often say, is history. Squawk 'Em Hawk 'Em was born.

So we set out to create the blog just three weeks before we would be playing ULM. Ghost and I made a few posts each as the illustrious SEHE. We decided that his personality should be Gonzohog meets... well, me. So we had him analyze the players and explain them on his blog.  Grammar and tact, of course, were not SEHE's forte.

Anyway, we then posted two or three times on RSC as SEHE in comment threads. He would talk nonsensical shit about how ULM was going to beat the Ole Pi$$ Webz, but we were careful never to take him just so far over the top that no one could possibly believe a fan like that existed. His first post was casually slipped in an old RSC comment thread in response to a question about our then-new layout. Then, there were his opinions on the SEC power poll. Then, ULM hate week began.

We thought the fact that so many Ole Miss fans bought it (you did, don't lie) was funny enough.

However, we never imagined that ULM fans would believe us.... but they did.  Wow, did they ever.  We registered SEHE for ULM's Scout page and began posting there.  The message we posted about the blog was even stickied on the ULM Scout site's forums.  People were genuinely excited about this and folks even began commenting on SEHE's blog.  When Ghost told me that, I thought he was lying. I had to see it myself to believe it.  Wow.  We felt incredible.

After all of this buildup, we finally got back to the initial purpose of all of this: the Cup vs. SEHE blogger Q&A.  Coming up with SEHE's answers to our questions took a good bit of time. I have difficulty writing in a manner that lacks syntax and clarity. Despite that though, I think they turned out to be pretty good, and I love that SEHE claims that the SEC should entertain the idea of the warhawks becoming the conference's 13th member.

And then it was over just as quickly as it began.

One week later, we beat the shit out of LSU.

When looking back on all of this Squawk Em nonsense, I can't help but laugh.  For those few weeks, Ghost and I would end our emails and texts to the other Cupdaters with "Squawk Em Hawk Em."  Every time we called one another with blog ideas the telephone conversation would devolve into SEHE references in between giggle-fits.  Man, those were fun times.