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Rebel Roundup: Where is Everyone?

To all Cupdaters: why am I more or less the only person posting?  "Work" and/or "school" isn't a good enough reason ("women" and/or "booze" will work though).  Shit, I'm like a whole 30 minutes behind in my work now because of you bums.  

Readers, keep doing what you do.  Commentators, you too.  Links after the jump.


We don't have Bigger Fish to Fry, do We? - A bunch of Senators have taken a break from boring themselves to tears talking about trivial shit like the two wars we're fighting, the weakened economy, and various social issues to tackle the single greatest threat to democracy:The BCS.

Really? Fuck those clowns. Seriously. I'm tired of this garbage. Do your jobs and make America a safe country which promotes freedom and economic prosperity (psssttt! Senate... Hey, Senate! Listen in all close like and I'll let you in on a little secret... that's your fucking PURPOSE). Of course, this is likely costing more money than a great slew of us can write a check against us but, hey, when you literally have the power to raise your own salary who gives a fuck what you do with other people's dough, right?

Senator Orrin Hatch (who just so happens to be a Utah Ute) has even gone as far as calling the BCS "un-American." Matt Hinton, a.k.a. Dr. Saturday, a.k.a. College Football's most analytical boggeur, has this to say:

What does "un-American" even mean, when applied to a uniquely American institution, conceived and executed (so to speak) by Americans and copied by no other organization in any country outside of America? It's a loaded phrase but a bankrupt idea.


via Dr. Saturday

To make matters even more stupid/interesting, a poster on Tigerdroppings has dug up the alma maters of the involved senators.  Included are a mere two BCS schools, zero of which are in the SEC (Wisconsin and Stanford).   Perhaps it's a bit silly for me to think the alma mater of the particular senators should matter here but I still find it somewhat troublesome.

/politics rant

Luckily, nothing is likely to come of this.


Pro Scouts Flock to Oxford to See Chris Adams - Ok, not really, they're there to see Michael Oher and Peria Jerry.


Malcolm White Leaving - That's the scuttlebutt at least, per various sources.  We will bring you more info on this situation as it develops.