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Rebel Roundup: Baseball Exclusive

Rebels, 2nd Best in the SEC West - Baseball America's top-25 recently came out with Ole Miss at #11.  Somehow our Rebels are ahead of the #14 Arkansas Razorbacks and their perfect SEC record.  How could this be?  Well, if I were a bettin' man, I'd say that conspirator son-of-a-bitch Houston Nutt has something to do with it.  The other SEC teams in the top-25 are the #2 LSU Tigers and the #6 Georgia Bulldogs.

Baseball America Approves of the Bittler - In a chat with Aaron Fitt, he addresses Bianco's announcement of Scott Bittle as our Sunday Starter against LSU thusly:

I think it's the right move. The Rebels desperately need somebody to give them a quality outing on Sundays, because their third starters have just gotten hammered this year. It doesn't do you any good to have an ace in the bullpen if you can't get to him with the game intact. Bittle has the stuff to excel as a starter; his changeup is a very good pitch against lefthanded hitters, and I expect you'll see a good deal more of it now that he'll be starting.  

Jordan Henry, SEC PotW - For being pretty darn fast and scoring every damn time he gets on base, Jordan Henry has taken home some hardware...  That is, if there is a little trophy or something for SEC Baseball PotW.