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The Cup Remembers: Be My Valentine, Houston

In order to celebrate Valentines Day, we brought you a series of Ole Miss-themed letters written from one (spurned) lover to another.  Throughout the week we obtained a copy of Marisha Porter's prison correspondence to her dear T-Wat; stumbled upon an apologetic letter written by Andy Kennedy to his wife, Kimber; and snooped around XemoGregHardyX's Yahoo! (it's ironic, see, because everybody uses GMail now) account to find his epistle to the only love he knows: The Darkness of Nightfall.

Of course, the letter that started it all was Gonzohog's emotional plea to Houston Nutt to return to his suddenly empty life.  Ivory Tower gets the nod for this one, as he was able to generate laughter, controversy, and controversial laughter.  If you haven't been doing so already, check out the comment threads of these "greatest posts."  Most of these posts are accented, if not made by the high quality comments and this post with its "Gonzohog vs. the field" thread is no exception whatsoever.

More to come in "The Cup Remembers" all week long!