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The Cup Remembers: The Right Reverent Nutt

Oh Hosannah on High!  If Houston Nutt's antics and speech patterns don't make you wanna raise your hand and praise da Lawrd then you're not paying attention or from a place outside of the Southeast

The Right Reverend, as even ESPN's Chris Fowler has become inclined to call him, has inspired humor throughout the intrawebs and a subtle homosexuality among a certain sect of Ole Miss fans with his message of hope, joy, and football.

In celebrating and lampooning the confusingly spiritual experience of a Houston Nutt press conference, Ivory Tower presented this reading from the book of Elisha.

I felt this post deserved a spot in our ten most memorable posts for three reasons: it's funny, it's well written, and it exemplifies the nature of The Cup--snarky, pro-Ole Miss banter with the occasional joke at our own expense.

Halleleujah, Giggity, and Amen!