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The Cup Remembers: EDSBS Visiting Lecture

To celebrate the blog's upcoming birthday, we will be taking a stroll down memory lane and looking at what we feel to have been our blog's greatest moments.

To kick off this celebration, I am proud to bring you the post which "put us on the map."

"Which map," you ask?

This map...

The post of which I speak is none other than our contribution to Every Day Should be Saturday's Visiting Lecturer series where we Cuppers frankly and humorously assessed the then-current state of and future for the Ole Miss football program.

Not only did this post earn us recognition on what is one of the greatest college football blogs out there, but it also introduced us to our dozens of new friends from the Natural State!  The Hogville links, the endless comment threads, and Gonzohog would not have been possible without this post.

But, what about this post made it so controversial?  Of all of the offensive references made in our "lecture" (Middle Eastern violence, the plight of urban blacks, eating disorders), the snippet below is what drove the Hogvillians even further over the edge:

Also, say what you will about Houston's fitness to stand trial in a criminal proceeding, but he's an honest, stand-up fella. Bobby Petrino is, on the other hand, a low-down, no-account, greasy, dastardly, hatin', heinous, diabolical, unprincipled, scrub-like, pusillanimous rapscallion.

That's it.  We patted the back of our own coach while making fun of another...  What horror!

Check out our post here or forego that altogether and visit the lecture in the EDSBS archives.  Be sure to check out the comments threads which include gems like "You suck. There's comment;" "Seriously, you should have kept Coach O;" and "I’m starting to understand why Houston acts so fucking spastic. I can’t imagine spending 10 years dealing with a state full of psycho-rubes. It’s a miracle the man isn’t in a straight jacket by now. You assholes have some serious issues. "