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The Cup Turns One Year Old

On Friday, March 27, your favorite/least favorite college sports blog will be a whopping one year old.  From our introductory post until now, we've attempted to bring you a unique blend of smartassery, self-deprecating humor, and extremely pro-Ole Miss bias.  Hopefully, you've been satisfied thus far.

When we finally decided to actually start a blog (after tossing the idea around way back in 2006), we never imagined we would have entertained over 1,000 visitors a day, generated controversy, and established a small legion of regular commenters.  We didn't think this would evolve past the "few friends in an Ole Miss circle-jerk" stage but we are definitely delighted that it has.

Now that The Cup a part of SBNation, we can only imagine this blog improving in quality of posts, distribution, and reader base.  We are definitely more than excited about our future here.

To celebrate this upcoming birthday, we will take a trip back in time to look at Cup posts of lore.  We have put together what we feel are the ten greatest moments in the Cup's history and would like to look back on them with all of you.  Then, on Friday, we'll have a poll up to give you an opportunity to choose which post(s) you enjoyed the most.

Stick around, Cup fans.  This should be an interesting week.