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Bama Beatdown

My landlord stopped by yesterday before the game when we were behind by two runs.  As soon as he showed up the Rebels took the lead and never looked back.  He came back by after the game, and I assured him that, though I had missed the affair, I'd rather miss a win that watch a loss.

Ain't it the truth.

The Rebels dropped today's game 19-0 19-6 after a five-run ninth inning.

Like the poor fan that I am, I showed up after the bottom of the first, y'know, when the game was practically over.  It was a positively dominating performance by the opposing team of the type I have not seen in Ole Miss athletics since the 2005 home game against LSU.  Seriously, if the men's basketball team, women's softball team, or either of our track and field squads have suffered more humiliating defeats since the fall of 2003, please update me.

The question is, "How worried ought we be?"  

Honestly, when it comes to the Lord's Day, I think the answer is, "A whole lot, brother."  As you may know, Aaron Barrett ate the mile of bench we were all calling for (until the ninth inning, when he performed spectacularly against Alabama's second third fourth tenth team).   Brett Buckvich started the game, which ought to have signaled something different than the Sunday suckage we've come to expect out of this team.  

As Brian Walker exclaimed to me shortly before he left Oxford-University Stadium in disgust, "Where is Cody Satterwhite?"

If Bianco is, indeed, starting Scott Bittle next weekend against LSU on Sunday, it reinforces my perception that he is a little lost about what to do on Sunday.  There is something inconsistent about the way he has supported Barrett through obvious difficulties, but shows not the same obstinence with regard to Buckvich.  I venture not a guess about whether or not Bittle is the right choice, but, rather, observe that Bianco's decision-making seems to come, at best, from the hip.