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Sunday Evening Videos

ETA: I know the embedding is a bit fubar so click the story title above to open the videos on their own page. 


Please enjoy the following videos from around the gigantic distraction machine known as "the Internet."

ESPN's Joe Schad has us in his top-10 for next year...  Oh lofty expectations, please do not ruin our next season.

Inside the Grove has some player interviews up on their YouTube Channel.  I've embedded Patrick Trahan's interview but there are many, many more.  If you'll watch the other football related ones, you'll learn that Chuck Rounsaville's ringtone is AC/DC's "Back In Black."  Way to be hip with the kids, Chuck.

This video is a pretty badass commercial put together by the University.  It is (what I am assuming to be) the newest part of the series of "Are You Ready" commercials I'm certain most of you are familiar with.  It features Our Guard and Savior, Terrico White and can be watched in High Def.