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Rebels Sneak By Tide 8-7

Brian Walker's Elbow will have more to share with you at the end of this series but, for now, a quick note or two on last night's game.

The opening SEC game in the newly renovated Oxford-University Stadium couldn't have been more dramatic or frustrating.  The Rebels won after a passed ball allowed Kyle Henson to cross home plate in the bottom of the 9th.  Now, that certainly may be an exciting way to win the game by itself but, when considering the necessity of a walk-off or extra innings situation was due primarily to Scott Bittle being unable to throw strikes, it's not so thrilling.

During the final two innings, The Bittler walked 6 runners, loaded the bases twice, and allowed a 5-3 Rebel lead to turn into a 7-5 deficit.  It honestly seemed as if he was physically incapable of throwing strikes for a few moments.

Thankfully, the 9th inning's convergence of hot Rebel bats and sloppy Tide pitching kept Biddle from earning the blown save.

It's hard to tell who we fans should be frustrated over.  Has Bittle lost it, or is he trying too hard?  And what does it say about Mike Bianco if he's willing to allow his closer to walk five runners in two innings without leaving the mound?

Eh, that's baseball (right?)...  At least Bama's closer wasn't worth much of a damn either.