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Rebel Roundup - Promises, Pleadings, Playgrounds, and Petes

Tim Tebow's "Promise" On Display - Tim Tebow's "Promise" to not lose another game after dropping a game to our Rebels has become a permanent(?) addition to the Florida athletic facilities. Tim Tebow's "Promise Ring" cannot, however, be located.

People Need to Stop Believing that the President should have Something to do with the BCS - A guest blogger of Dr. Saturday's would like President Obama to restore the Cotton Bowl to its former glory. It's a somewhat interesting read which links to a significantly more interesting read about the Penn State vs. Miami in the 1980-something Fiesta Bowl so, if you've got time, give it a go.

Why Can't your Kids Pay Attention to the Game Again? - The Ernie LaBarge Bullpen Club is proud to announce that the playground behind the left field wall will reopen this weekend to kickoff the new, rennovated Oxford-University Stadium's first SEC series. I honestly don't know why this is newsworthy but I felt compelled to share it with you.

Somebody's Been Taking Lesson's from The Razorbacks - is now up and "running." You know, I have an opinion on all of this...

I will concede several points regarding the frustrating tenure of this athletics administration:

  • Pete Boone is a micromanager
  • Pete Boone is a penny-pincher
  • Pete Boone has not fostered excellent relationships (professional or otherwise) with our coaches as far as most of us can tell
  • The recent scheduling fiasco was the embarrassing result of poor foresight
  • Pete Boone was described as running our programs like a Sun Belt Athletic Director by ESPN's Bruce Feldman

But, considering the facts that our facilities have been upgraded to previously unreasonable levels, our coaches are actually respected within their respective coaching communities, and that Pete Boone's tenure at Ole Miss isn't likely to last much longer than another year, all of this seems to be a bit much to me.

All of the website's poor syntax, grammar, and construction aside, relies on the notion that Pete Boone is the single shackle binding Ole Miss athletics to their current and (seemingly) inexcapable state. Nevermind the facts that we are one of the conference's smallest universities operating in the conference's smallest town located in the conference's poorest and 2nd smallest state; "are Ole Miss;" and our fans are, on the whole, the exact opposite of "enthused sports savants." Yes, nevermind all of Ole Miss' problems because Pete Boone is a sonofabitch who took our mascot away and couldn't schedule a good 12th game for the 2009 season. RAWR ANGER SMASH!

Just wait him out. He won't be around much longer anyway so why raise all of this hell while trotting down the home stretch?