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2009 Football Schedule Announced

Worst. Job. Building. A. Schedule. In. College. Football's. Modern. Era.

You will never see us go overboard with criticisms of our athletic department. We generally think they do a good job considering the fan base, facilities, tradition, etc.

However, whoever made this schedule, and I'm not sure it was a lot of Pete Boone's doing, deserves to be fired. Fired. In most businesses, if you do a terrible job at your work place, you don't work there much longer. This schedule is awful.

Let me make it known that I don't believe this will "come back to bite us" as something that keeps us out of the national championship game. 2 reasons:

1. We're not going to be good enough to go to the National CHampionship game. We will lose more than one game, and it would almost take us going undefeated to make the National Championship.

2. If we go11-1 and win the SEC Championship Game (both of which should be pipe dreams at this point), we will got the national championship game. The national media respects the SEC now enough that the winner of the championship game essentially gets a pass to the National Championship.

None of that will matter anyway though, because we will not be in that position. I repeat. We will not be in that position. I believe we will lose at least two games next year. Then the schedule probably won't make a difference in bowl selection anyway.

Still, it's an awful schedule, and no one will come to watch us play Northern Arizona in NOVEMBER unless we're undefeated at that point.

Lastly, it's really good to know that we'll have two weeks to prepare to play... Southeast Louisiana! Good thing we've got a bye to get ready for that game and not Tennessee.