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Welcome to the Red Cup Rebellion

Hello, Rebel Fans.  This is The Ghost of Jay Cutler of Red [BRAND REDACTED] Cup fame here.

Now, I know what you're thinking: "Hey, where did that blog I enjoy/detest so much go?"  Well, technically, it's still there but, in practice, it and its writers have moved over to the internet's premier sports blog network, SBNation.

Why the change? 

Simply put, we wanted to be a part of this excellent sports community.  Take a look at Garnet and Black Attack, Rocky Top Talk, Dawg Sports, Burnt Orange Nation, Black Heart Gold Pants, or any of the other many college athletics sites supported by SBNation and you'll notice one common denominator: quality.

SBNation sites are excellent and for them to approach little ol' us and suggest that we join them can make a group of lazy bloggeurs feel pretty special.

Not only will this give SBNation its first and only Ole Miss Rebel page, but it will also give us an opportunity for increased exposure, commentary, and discussion.

Oh, and the whole name issue.  Well, as you know, we were utilizing a protected brand name with our last blog and couldn't risk its continued use.  Sure, there was a chance that nothing would come of it, but there also certainly was a chance that something could.  We and our new partners at SBNation couldn't risk it.  Honestly, we simply see it as just another growing pain.  We never imagined we'd be recieving upwards of 1,200 visits a day for a profanity-laden Ole Miss blog so we never thought any of our recklessness could become much of a problem. 

We hope you'll understand. 

The new name, "(The) Red Cup Rebellion" was chosen for several reasons.  First of all, the homage to our former e-digs should be apparent enough.  Secondly, we wanted to further lampoon Ole Miss' seemingly eternal struggle between its desire to preserve its storied, Southern legacy and its continued movement towards a progressive image.  We all know how wacky and divisive this can be; but we also realize that, in order to "understand" Ole Miss, one must objectively and light-heartedly confront this division and do whatever it takes to make sense of it.  Finally, we decided to use the term "Rebellion" because it not only makes use of (a form of) the name of our favorite NCAA sports teams, but it also suggests a group or community bound to a common cause.

That's right, The Red Cup Rebellion, RCR, The Cup, or whatever you want to call it is not just a sports blog, but rather a community of Rebel fans.  Sure, there will be frequently written and updated submissions by the same old RSC assholes, but there will also be greater opportunities for the members of the Rebellion to contribute to the website.  And, no, we're not just talking about commenting.  We're talking about fanposts and fanshots, too.  Now, you can opine on whatever you'd like, upload videos, share links, or post a few photos so long as you've signed up for an SBNation account.  If we like what we see, you could even see your submissions promoted to the front page and become a part of the "mainstream" Cup posts.

So, now that we've filled you in, what in the hell are you waiting for?  Sign up for an SBNation username and get to posting, uploading, commenting, or whatever.  I can't wait to see the "Ole PI$$ Webs" cherry popped on this sweet, innocent virgin site.

Suggestions, well wishes, comments, criticisms, and/or your poorly spelled anti-Ole Miss tirades are, as always, welcomed and encouraged.  Please don't be shy.

Welcome to the Rebellion.  Hotty Toddy.