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Red Cup Rebellion - 12/9/09

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So Nice of Y'all to Drop By!
Thanks to the Houston Nutt to Kansas rumor being the hottest one yet of the yearly coaching carosel, we've had just all sorts of visitors visit our little internet nook!  If you're new, be sure to read the disclaimer on the left and please pick up your litter on the way out.

Ravens Coach Shows Movie About Michael Oher To Inspire Michael Oher | The Onion
The Onion, America's finest news source, reports that:

In an attempt to energize starting left tackle Michael Oher for last Sunday's game against the Pittsburgh Steelers, Ravens head coach John Harbaugh screened a copy of the inspirational sports movie The Blind Side.

I really shouldn't have linked this; If you don't already read the Onion then you're not using the internet properly, and we'd rather not have you hogging bandwidth around here.

OSU Ticket Allotment Sold | Tulsa World
Well, the Cowboys will be there.  Will the Rebel fan base pull a bunch of typical "woe is me, we are Ole Miss" bullshit (yeah, I'm being a bit of a hypocrite; get over it), and decide against attending the first ever Cotton Bowl in Jerryworld, or will we too represent ourselves well by filling up our allotment? 

Home and Away in SEC Bowls | ESPN dot com
We're home which means we can wear our red or blue jerseys.  I'm guessing Nutt will leave that choice up to the seniors who will most likely choose red.  RED ALERT!  RED/BLUE IN YOU!  REBEL XPRESSSS!

Strong to Louisville all but done | ESPN dot com
There will be a press conference this morning announcing Florida Defensive Coordinator Charlie Strong as the new head coach of the Louisville Cardinals.  This is obviously a good move for a program which wants to be atop the Big East once again.

NCAA Scrutiny Seen on Tennessee | The New York Times
And the biggest SEC story of the day comes with the announced investigation of Tennessee's 'crootin practices.

A significant part of the investigation is focused on the use of recruiting hostesses who have become folk heroes on Tennessee Internet message boards for their ability to help lure top recruits ... Marcus Lattimore, a running back who made an unofficial visit to Tennessee but said he would not enroll there, said multiple Tennessee hostesses attended a game at James F. Byrnes High School in Duncan, S.C., in September. He said they brought signs, including one that read, "Come to Tennessee." ... "You don't want to go to a college where they ain't pretty," Lattimore said.

For the record, every SEC school does this to an extent.  There are large breasted, flirty girls who escort the players around campus during their official visits at every SEC school.  They also party with these players and do whatever they can to show them a good time--if you catch my drift.  This, in and of itself, isn't really the problem.  The NCAA is investigating Tennessee because it seems that these girls are visiting these guys at their high schools.  That's a bit much, but it's likely effective.  GOTTACATCHEMALL OR-GE-RON!
(HT: A reader we'll call "DJ")