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Rebel Roundup - 12/7/09

Ole Miss-Oklahoma St. Open New Cotton Bowl | Associated Press
Just makin' it official here.  We'll have more and more Cotton Bowl talk as the game approaches.  Until then, languish with us through our non-conference basektball schedule and other Rebel happenings.

All 33 Bowl Matchups | ESPN dot com
Just so you can see who's playing who.

Thoughts on the Title Games | And The Valley Shook
Similar to Ivory Tower's mini-rant from yesterday evening, Poseur of ATVS laments the once-seeming inevitibility of a Texas vs. Alabama matchup due not primarily to the teams and their accomplishments themselves, but to the stubborn nature of in-game officials and their seeming slant towards the Longhorns.  The comments thread also has pretty good discussion, if you're looking for some.

Southern Miss Coach Eustachy Blasts Stansbury | The Sporting News
You all already know about this, but I doubt any of y'all have seen that the mainstream media actually picked it up and blurbified it.  Also, please do yourself a favor and check out the reactions left by commentors on David Brandt's and Kyle Veazy's blogs.

Clarion Ledger Ballots
Rick Cleveland voted for Ndamukong Suh on his Heisman Ballot, and Kyle Veazy has his All-SEC ballot up.  Check them out.