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Lish Trice, the Assistant to the Athletic Director, is making some waves in the Memphis community with his facebook updates.  It all started yesterday when he decided to update his Facebook from his iphone while enjoying a "salad n coffee" at Houston's.  Not sure who orders a salad and coffee at a place like Houston, or any restaurant.  

Here is his initial post:

"Lish Trice is at Houston's enjoyin a nice salad n coffee. Coach Larry Porter is coming thru west tn,south florida n the usa like a fire ball,look for some big committments this xmas babiii."

That's just a wonderful facebook update from someone in the athletic department at the University of Memphis.  The crazies over at saw this update and one poster thought it was worth sharing with the board.  Of course, some people tried to defend Lish, but then Mr. Trice responded:

Lish Trice OMG, I can't believe someone would take what i posted on FB on put it on the message board. Taking what i said on FB and copy/post it somewhere else then talk about me misspelling a word-honey please. I bet i will misspellllllll a nuta 1. so whatva u lil brkewyz. Im sure you have upset your wife or girlfriend many times before and she lied to you about it. Love you and keep Big Daddiiiii in Mind.

Mr. Trice, you did misspelll a nuta 1.  The updates continued minutes later with this final update:

Lish Trice is at life x fitness getting his wk out bk on. I know I haven't been here in 3 - 4 weeks n I know I look like that fat ass piece that just won't flush. Finally if any **** sucker wants to put this on the message board just do it babiiiiiii. u lil f'!,)+.

I do not imagine that calling people cocksuckers through Facebook is going to end well for Lish.  Just wanted to post this to show what kind of people help run the University of Memphis athletic program.

Maybe I'll make a basketball post soon, or maybe I won't.  But keep "Big Daddiiii in Mind" and "ill be comin thru Memphis life a fireball this xmas babiiii!"