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Rebel Roundup - 12/4/09

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The biggest SEC Championship Game EVAR makes the gathering of Rebel-centric news and notes a little difficult right now.  Naturally, all of the conference's press is centered on Atlanta this weekend.  Alligator Army, Roll Bama Roll, and Team Speed Kills are all covering tomorrow's action in magnificient fashion, so give them a look if you aren't already.

Thomas Joins 1,000 Club | Ole Miss Sports dot com
Lady Rebel roundballer Bianca Thomas led the Lady Rebs to a 70-51 victory over UALR this past Wednesday and, in the process, brought her career scoring total into four digits.  She also knocked down seven treys.  Seven.  That's a tie for the school record.  The Lady Rebs face Old Dominion this Sunday and then have dates against the #3 Ohio State Buckeyes and the #15 Texas Longhorns shortly thereafter. 

Harris Named to Texas vs. The Nation List | Ole Miss Sports dot com
Let's go "the Nation!"  In all seriousness, congrats on everything Gerald.  I'll never forget your double touchdown performance in last year's Cotton Bowl.

Why the Apathy Towards Basketball?
David Brandt is right (YES WE JUST SAID THAT), y'all need to stop being lame and get your asses to the Tad Pad.  I know it's tough to make it to Oxford for a 6PM tipoff on a Wednesday, especially if you're coming from anywhere more than a half-hour away from Oxford, but our next game is on Saturday.  Saturday.  You can be there.  We play the undefeated Golden Eagles of Southern Mississippi to assert some SEC over CUSA dominance.  The school is letting all students in for free and everybody else in for a mere five dollars.  Plus they're giving a ton of stuff away at this game.  It'll be worth it, I swear. 

Of course, as with anything published on the Clarion Ledger's website, you've got some pretty dumb comments in the thread after the entry.  With apologies to Juco, I'll now do a mini Message Board Idiots segment.  From CL reader observingtoday comes:

I also wonder why this article was written with a negative slant. If anyone has paid attention to the CL this year, it is hard to miss the negative slant toward the OM sports teams. I suppose that the idea is to sell papers and if you write articles about Ole Miss whether negative or positive, you have OM fans reading the articles. But when you write negatively about OM, you have OM fans plus the OM haters reading. It's funny that we don't read about the thousands of fans dressed up as empty seats for JSU or USM sports in general. You could fire a shotgun into the stands at JSU or USM and not hit a single solitary soul. But I guess that wouldn't sell newspapers.

So, David Brandt calling Ole Miss basketball "fans" apathetic is negatively slanted journalism?  He's "calling a spade a spade" if you ask me.  And it's not at all "funny" that "we don't read about the thousands of fans dressed up as empty seats for JSU or USM sports in general."  The reason people don't go to those games is because those two basketball programs are fucking terrible.  That is also the reason why their basketball and the lack of fan support thereof isn't at all newsworthy.  Ole Miss is looking like the best team in the SEC West right now, yet we can barely drag a couple thousand people into the Tad Pad.  This is something worth lamenting, and David Brandt is spot on.  There isn't some sort of grand, anti-Ole Miss conspiracy amongst Clarion Ledger writers.  I'm sorry. 

Also, making a shotgun reference in the same sentence as mentioning Jackson State?!

You're welcome, Role Player.

Oh and to the bazillions of State basketball fans who hijacked the thread to talk shit, y'all are even worse (but barely).

Coastdoglover, what say you?

MSU has sold out their arena for a long time and it makes a difference in the kids attitudes and performances.

You're right, nothing says "makes a difference" like losing to Rider and Richmond at home.