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Rebel Roundup - New Year's Eve

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Programming Note
We will have very little Cup action tomorrow, as a group of us will be tearin' ass on I-20 to Dallas.  Enjoy yourselves tonight, offer a toast to you and yours, and be sure to not drink and drive.

3 Rebels headed to Senior Bowl | Brandt
John Jerry, Dexter McCluster, and Shay Hodge have all earned spots in this year's Senior Bowl. If you'll recall, the Rebels sent three players to the Senior Bowl last season as well: Michael Oher, Peria Jerry, and Mike Wallace. Congratulations Baby J, Lil Bastid, and dA NuMbA TrEe XPRESS. Y'all've earned it.

SEC 2000-10: Woo Pig Kablooey! Houston Nutt's Denouement at Arkansas (2006-07) | Team Speed Kills
As a part of their look at the last decade in SEC football, Team Speed Kills does as good a job as anybody with chronicling the Houston Nutt saga from a neutral standpoint. It's a good read, especially if you wish to avoid the "Hooten Dales" and "ha lol Ole Piss faggits r stuck with dale now we r nuttless" talk.

Laid-back Ole Miss QB tunes out criticism, dials up big numbers | Dallas Morning News
According to Kent Austin, "outside criticism and outside praise are not relevant to [Jevan Snead]." Awesome, Snead. It's great to see that you don't care that you've, in merely one calendar year, drawn both the adulation and ire of a fanbase. Keep dialing up those "big numbers," like that totally rad-ass number of interceptions you've earned.

Cotton Bowl notebook: Mississippi | Dallas Morning News
In painful fashion, the Dallas Morning News reminds us all that we performed pretty poorly against Dan "daMAN!!@" MullenS' option "attack." Wary we should be, Rebels, that the Oklahoma State Cowboys also employ a decent amount of option in their offense. Also, Marshay Green is apparently better than Michael Oher at basketball. Thanks, DMN.