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Women of the Opposition: Oklahoma State

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Oklahoma is a state so terribly fashionable, the very borders of the state create a block with a tangential mullet spearing off it. A beacon of the beauty of a state full of Sooners, Cowboys and of course, some of the finest wimmens in the world.

During this relatively exciting football season, we have dissected the outer beauty of our feared and not-so-feared opponents. Oklahoma State did not offer much material. 

We did find a few diamonds in the rough, however.

I'm pretty sure this cheerleader is drunk, because the two guys behind her don't seem to be in "mid-cheer"


Ooooo, guh, yo' Bump-it is BANGIN'!!! Dat's gotta be a Ponca City edition(Oh snap, rural Oklahoma burn)


I also never realized Oklahoma was so close to New Jersey(douche-y looking guys and girls with hair extensions)


And what about T. Boone Pickens. See what fa-fillions of dollars can bring you in beauty. (In no way do I mean Pickens bought or purchased his wife in any kind of business transaction, PLZ DOn'T suE UsSS1!!) ;)


And finally, the money shot. I'm not sure where you get college specific swimwear. (maybe in a college town whose surname basically means "stagnant")


Add your favorite selections. Enjoy.