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ANNOUNCING: The Red Cup Rebellion Cotton Bowl Tailgate

This is a real scene from our last tailgate.

Who was there at the RCR's Grove tailgate for the LSU game?  Those of you that were remember food, booze, "Party in the USA", and a fantastic Ole Miss victory over LSU.  Those of you that weren't remember thinking to yourself, "damn, I should have been at them Cup assholes' tent."  Regardless, if you were there, you want to party again and if you weren't, you want to make up for it.

Now, you've got your chance.

Come join us, Rebel Chuck, and who-the-hell-else-ever will be in our immediate vicinity.  We'll be in lot 15.  Look for me, Rebel Chuck, or the sign.  Or, just listen for anybody blastin' Miley Cyrus. 

We'll see you there.

BY THE WAY: No Red Cup Radio tonight unless we decide to record it much later than usual.  Family obligations and such.  If we don't do it late tonight, look for it to be the night before the Cotton Bowl.