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Rebels in the Pros: Week 16

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Because I hate everybody outside of Juco for not getting off of their fat, lazy, holiday-food-weakened asses to blog for the Cotton Bowl week, I'm going to do Rebels in the Pros this week.  So, yes, I'm doing it because nobody else would.

Seriously, I hate One Man to Beat for getting CoD:MW2 this week.  Whatever, on with the show!

Michael Oher's Ravens suffered a difficult loss to the arch-rival Steelers this past weekend.  The Ravens were able to put 175 yards on the ground behind the Baltimore line, but four sacks and 166 yards passing weren't going to get the job done, as the Steelers won 23-20.

Mike Wallace, on the other hand, continued to perform as well as any rookie wideout with four catches for 83 yards.

Micheal Spurlock had a memorable week as his 77 yard punt return in the fourth quarter put the Bucaneers over the NFC-leading New Orleans Saints.  Used exclusively as a returner, Spurlock amassed over 180 yards in special teams during Sunday's matchup in the Superdome.

Eli Manning got pounded by the Panthers, going 29 for 43 for 296 yards and a touchdown--fine stats in their own right--but tossed two picks and lost one fumble in an embarrassing 41 to 9 loss.  This knocked the Giants out of playoff contention.

The Old Balls Rebel of the Week, though, is none other than Patrick Willis.  Willis had six tackles, three of which were solo, and one interception.  That's not impressive, I know, but his season-long badassery earned him the honor of starting at MLB for the NFC in the upcoming Pro Bowl.  In other news, the Pro Bowl is in Florida this year?  The Hell?