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Ole Miss 90 - Jacksonville State 75

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Some quick thoughts from last night's game:

- If Terrico can continue to shoot in a similar fashion to how he did last night, the Rebs will go far, and White will be a high draft pick. For those not paying attention, White tied the single-game three point record held by Clarence Sanders and a few other Rebs (including Trevor Gaskins).

- Last night gave us the kind of night we need from Reggie Buckner. The freshman recorded four blocks, was 4-5 shooting, and pulled down eight boards. Keep it up, big guy. Oh, but yeah... your free throw shooting, don't keep that up. 1-4 hurts us almost as badly as Murphy Holloway's 1-6.

- Chris Warren dished out eight assists. Distributing the basketball hasn't been the name of Warren's game, and it shouldn't be, but he'll need to be able to do it when pressured. Our team will not win games that matter if Warren just tries to rain contested threes on the opposition (which he still did a good bit in this game).

- Trevor Gaskins had his best game of the year, going 2-4 from 3-pt range, somehow bringing in seven rebounds, and tallying 4 assists.

- I'm not really sure what happened to Zach Graham last night. He started off hot, generating loads of offense for us, but when the night was over, he had gone 4-11 and 2-7 from three point range. He'll need to pick that up to keep his starting spot.