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Rebel Roundup - 12/30/09 - I slept in so get over it.

SEC underclassmen pondering the draft | SEC Blog - ESPN
He's guessing here, but Chris Low is saying that Jevan Snead will leave for the draft this year.  Bye, Jevan.  We'll mildly wish you well in whatever it is that you do.  He also postulates that Ryan Mallett will leave which will, once again, prompt suicide watches throughout Northwest Arkansas.

Ole Miss RB McCluster emerges after obscurity | Dallas Morning News
Here is a brief recap of Dexter McCluster's college career from the Dallas Morning News. It focuses fairly well on how Da Lil' Bastid began as a lightly recruited, "undersized" high school halfback only to emerge as one of the Southeastern Conferences most elite offensive weapons.

Oklahoma State QB Robinson is healthy, or very close to it |
I wasn't aware of this, but Zac Robinson has had some ankle issues over the past several weeks. I guess that's my fault for not watching the annual Bedlam game in which Robinson, "the backbone of [their] team," only had 38 yards of total offense despite averaging over 200 per game prior. He is looking to be 100 percent come January 2nd.

Big Brother boosts Ole Miss guard John Jerry |



Ole Miss Ties 3-Point Record In Win |
Terrico scored 29, a career high, and our Rebels sank 14 threes, tying the school record. Jacksonville State lost to our still nationally-ranked Rebels to a score of 90-75, despite being down by a mere six points at the half. This game was frustrating to listen to because, per the usual it seems, we rebounded poorly, didn't shoot well from the stripe, and were forced to fall back on our simply superior talent to win as opposed to actually playing good basketball. Whatever, it's a win, and it's one more win closer to our long awaited tournament berth, but I'm worried about SEC play. I really am.

Funny GChat Message of the Day
I had to put this in here.  If you know me, you know that I'm on GChat more or less always.  It helps me get through the workday or pass time while I'm sitting at home with nothing to do during a rainy holiday (i.e., today).  From "The Usual Suspect" re: Mike Leach throwing Craig James' son into whatever it is he threw him into:

Powe thought we threw him in a small closet when he first saw his room in Deaton, but that worked out.  Just give the kid a moped.