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Rebel Roundup - 12/29/09

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McCluster’s idol? Barry Sanders | Brandt
My Idol?  Dexter McCluster.  Well, McCluster and Billy Brewer.  Pretty good read over at Brandt's new e-digs.

Hodge looking for records in final game |
Shay Hodge, the greatest Rebel wide receiver ever, is surprisingly humble.  Or, at least he's humble when meeting with the media.  Regardless, Shay has unexpectedly done a ton for our football program and I hope we all send him off with the fanfare he deserves, come January 2nd.

Cotton Bowl Practice 12/28/09 photos |
From, a slideshow of yesterday's Cotton Bowl practice from the inside of the New Cowboys Stadium.  See if you can spot Kendrick Lewis playing air piano.

Cotton Bowl Week Report 12.28 |
Here is a practice report from the official--albeit slightly uninteresting--source of Ole Miss Rebel news and notes.

Ole Miss continues to produce talented offensive linemen | Dallas Morning News
The Dallas Morning News takes a look at Michael Oher, John Jerry, Daverin Geralds, and Ole Miss' penchant for putting offensive linemen into the League.

Mike Leach is still fucking insane |
This is pretty terrible.  Coaches are certainly allowed to be a bit gruff with their players, but this is borderline most definitely a form of torture.