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Rebel Roundup - 12/23/09

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GAMEDAY PREVIEW: Ole Miss at West Virginia |
Here is the "official" game preview from  The preview looks at last year's matchup, compares some statistics, and then offers this sombering sliver of information:

The Rebels have never defeated a Top 10 non-conference opponent.

So, yeah, tonight would be a real statement for Andy Kennedy's program.

Rebels go for resume enhancer at West Virginia | RebelSports dot net
This is basically more of the same but with a bunch of great player and coaches quotes.  From what one can gather, the players and coaches have really done their homework and should hopefully be quote focused tonight. 

No. 6 WVU hosts no. 15 Ole Miss | TimesWV dot com
In a very well written piece of journalism, The Times West Virginian looks at tonights game.  According to the piece, Mountaineer head coach Bob Huggins isn't too thrilled with the lack of enthusiasm shown by the mainstream media types regarding this game:

"We have No. 6 against No. 15 playing here tomorrow," he began as the media pressed in closer to hear him, a playful smile on his face. "Biggest game in the nation. National television. You wouldn’t know it."

He paused briefly, letting it sink in.

"You’d think maybe something would be in the media about it," he continued. "I looked. Nothing."

We feel ya, Huggins.  The article also looks at the amicable and long-standing relationship between our Andy Kennedy and their Bob Huggins.  We'll have a Red Cup Rebellion history lesson on this later.  Promise.

David Brandt's Blog Has a New Address
So long as the paranoid faction of his commenting base is able to navigate their way to his new e-digs I'll be fine.  They've honestly become a part of my morning routine: coffee, breakfast, shower, laugh at idiots on Brandt's blog, write something mean about Brandt, then "work."

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No, not right here.  Further down.  Yeah.  Down there.  Juco and One Man put up some great Ole Miss vs. WVU coverage later last night and I'd hate for anybody to miss it.