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Rebel Roundup - 12/21/05

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SNOWPOCALYPSE over, bloggeurs alive
Where have I been?  Buried under two feet of snow.  And by "buried" I mean sledding, building snowmen, having snowball fights, and getting drunk at Town Hall, the only bar within a mile of me which remained open through DC's heaviest December snowstorm in a century.  What?  Are the former activities such which a guy in his mid-20's should refrain from?  Hell no they aren't!  You're just jealous so get over it.

Juco?  He's probably doing boring married guy stuff.

Ivory?  Probably in the woods hidden far away from internet access.

One Man to Beat?  With Juco.

WW?  Drunk and pissed off at somebody.

Regardless, I'm back.  I'll blog all day for the most part because, being as how half of my coworkers still have no means with which to commute, I don't have to go into work today.  So, for me, I've got Red Cup Rebellion, AVATAR, and XBox Live to occupy my time.

Red-hot Rebels have fun in laugher | | The Clarion-Ledger
Brandt say

It was an afternoon of very little drama at Tad Smith Coliseum, with the biggest cheer coming when walk-on Logan Nutt, the nephew of football coach Houston Nutt, splashed home a 3-pointer.

I think that has less to do with Houston Nutt than it does with our fans loving white, private-schooled kids playing guard.  Yeah, I said it.  No, I ain't takin' it back.  You know it's true.  When the announcers say "Terrico White (a legitimate NBA prospect who, on any given night, can drop a points orgy on your bitch basketball team) for threeeeeeeeee," the old dudes in sweater vests along the court all sorta look at each other and uneasily clap with a "oh yes, good show young Terrico, yes yes."  When Logan Nutt or Will Bogan (the latter actually being a scholarship carrying guard, mind you) and their melanin deficiencies simply trot out onto the court, the same guys are hootin' and hollerin'. 

I'll give them a break; perhaps it's the symbolism.  If AK is putting those guys in, the game is obviously well-in hand.  I'll pull my barbs back, sirs in sweater vests.  For now.

Ole Miss Routs Centenary | Sports Network dot com
The Rebels defeated an inferior opponent by 44 points. The question is, if the Rebels defeat Centenary by 44 points, yet nobody is around to see it, does it have an impact on our RPI?

Four questions about OSU football | NewsOK dot com
Pertinent questions such as "Is Donald Booker going to play in the Cotton Bowl?" and "what can the Pokes offense expect from the Ole Miss defense?" are answered here. The only problem is that they apparently gotten one of their own to answer these questions; why no Brandt, Yancy, or REBMIK?

Ole Miss Favored Over OSU In Cotton Bowl | USA Players dot com
We're favored in the eyes of the odds-makers. The gentlemen at the Cup, whose aversions towards gambling are footed more in the "we're bad at it and routinely lose money" camp than the "you're going to Hell, gambler" camp, would recommend leaving the sports betting out of this year's Cotton Bowl. Two things, "We are Ole Miss" and I would hate for Jevan Snead to actually cause you to lose any more money than you already have. Having that been said, we're gonna win. Screw 'em.

NCAA DIV I POLL - Current - Collegiate Baseball Newspaper
Mike Bianco's Rebels come in at number 22 in this far-too-early NCAA baseball poll. Texas is number one, LSU two, Florida nine, Arkansas 23, South Carolina 28, Georgia 31 (yeah, the poll goes to 40), and Vandy 32 while State, Alabama, Auburn, Kentucky, and Tennessee are all receiving votes. Yes, the ENTIRE SOUTHEASTERN CONFERENCE is receiving votes in this poll.

Miss. colleges look to nonresident students | The Clarion-Ledger
Much to the chagrin of we "native" Mississippians, this is happening and it doesn't look like it's going to stop anytime soon (One Man To Beat, we love you, chill out with your weak Georgian sensibilities). From the article:

If I had a restaurant with empty tables, I wouldn't be turning people away," Mississippi University for Women President Claudia Limbert said. "An empty seat brings in zero dollars.

You know what else brings in zero dollars, MUW President Claudia Limbert? Your university, that's what. Let's be frank, while the state's generously low tuition standards and weakening economy have a lot to do with our colleges and universities being strapped for cash, most of our issues center on the fact that a small state with a poor per capita GDP is propping up eight universities and a couple dozen community colleges or so. Keep Ole Miss, State, Southern Miss, Jackson State, and a few of the community colleges. Problem solved, right? /soapbox /Iswearwe'llgetbacktosports

Nintendo Wii Fit doesn’t help families get fit | Health News
Ole Miss research, bitches: where medical weed gets refined and the Wii gets debunked.  Suck it, Federal Government/Nintendo.