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Hodge Sets Record, Few Notice

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Lost in the "oh woe are we we lost to those idiots" shuffle over the last few days comes this ever-so-important piece of Rebel football news: Shay Hodge became the very first Ole Miss Rebel to tally 1,000 yards receiving in one season. 

That's correct.  Only one Rebel has ever had 1,000 yards receiving, and Shay Hodge is it.  His 2009 stats line as it stands now reads 63 receptions for 1,023 yards and 8 touchdowns.  Over the course of the season, that comes out to 85.3 yards receiving per game at 16.2 yards per catch.  That is noticeably better than than the stats line set by Chris Collins in 2003 (77 receptions for 949 yards and 7 touchdowns, 12.3 yards per catch and 73 yards per game), and he had Eli Manning throwing the ball to him.

At this rate, he'll finish with just over 1,100 yards after our Cotton Bowl matchup against the Oklahoma State Cowboys; but, considering the fact that we are playing a Big XII "defense," it could end up significantly higher.  Assuming he pulls in a touchdown during the bowl, his career stats could look something like 175 receptions for 2600 yards and 23 touchdowns.  Wow.  I doubt we'll see many Ole Miss receivers come close to such numbers anytime soon.

"Greatest Rebel Wideout EVAR" is not too bad a title for a lightly recruited athlete out of Morton High School, now is it? 

Congratulations, Shay.  Here's to you, your career at Ole Miss, and your hopefully long career in the League.