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Rebel Roundup - 12/2/09 - Not a lot of action this week

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Ole Miss Gets Return Invitation | ESPN dot com
I don't know what this link has that you shouldn't already know.  I'm reaching for news here.  There isn't a ton.  Perhaps we'll have more to talk about as the week develops.

Ole Miss vs. ASU Preview | Clarion Ledger dot com
The roundball Rebels will be travelling to Jonesboro to face the Red Wolves of Arkansas State at 7PM Central tonight.  How will this affect Red Cup Radio?  It won't.  Also, check this:

Warren is averaging a team-high 17.8 points per game through five games this season, and shooting at a much higher percentage than he did last season. He's making 47 percent of his shots from the field, including 34 percent from 3-point range.

Well hot damn, Chris.  We're glad to have you back.

Nutt Speaks with Beat Writers | Ole Miss Sports dot com
Houston Nutt claims not to know about Dan Mullen's cavorting about the field and talking shit after the Egg Bowl loss.  I can't say I believe him, but I can say that Dan Mullen, as an antagonistic retard who gets more out of Schadenfreude than actual personal success, is a perfect fit for the fan base of the program he coaches.