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Rebel Roundup - 12/18/09

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All-Decade Team: Vote for the best linebacker | Dr. Saturday
Dr. Saturday is compiling the greatest linebackers of the past ten years.  Amongst the ten choices is Patrick Willis.  Go now and vote for him.  Be a good Rebel.  Do it.

All-Decade Team | Sports Illustrated
SI, on the other hand, has released their all-decade team.  Naturally, Patrick Willis occupies one of the linebacker slots.  Get it, PWillie.

Top-Ten College Games from the 2000's | Sports Illustrated
Also from SI are the ten greatest games of the past ten years.  On the list is the seven overtime loss to Arkansas from November 3, 2001.  Of course, that game was just another victory by the Predestined and Glorious Arkansas Razorbacks (praise be to Broyles) over the lowly Old Piss Webels, a pissant "Mississippi school."  At least, that's what the batshit Arkansas narrative would have you believe.  (Houston Nutt has not lost to Bobby Petrino.)(This is somehow the work of Ed Orgeron.)(Whatever.)

Rookie Watch: Week 14 | ESPN dot com
Michael Oher is, according the the Woldwide Leader in Sports, the greatest rookie in the league right now.

You could make a case for (Oher) being the offensive rookie of the year. He is one of the best pure right tackles in the NFL and should garner Pro Bowl consideration. He is going to dominate for many years to come at either right or left tackle.

Speaking of, we haven't seen a "Rebel In The Pros" segment in a while, One Man to Beat.  Just an observation.

Pay to Party in the Grove? | NEMS360 dot com
Yes, the university administration is tossing the idea of charging for the premium spots in the Grove (i.e., along the Walk of Champions).  I think the comments thread is as good a spot as any for a discussion on this so go ahead and leave your thoughts.