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Rebel Roundup - 12/16/09 - Hey, We Beat UTEP Last Night, Remember?

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Ole Miss tops UTEP for another comeback victory; Warren stars in OT |
CBS has done a great job of covering last night's victory over the UTEP Earth Rapers (/greenpeace'd).  Follow this particular bit of linkage to get a pretty run-of-the-mill recap of yesterday's action.

Kennedy, Ole Miss enjoying young season's reversal of fortune |
Follow this link to read about this season's fortunes when compared to last season's turmoil.  It's hard to imagine that, only one year ago, Andy Kennedy was getting tossed in a Cincinnati clink for punching a cabbie.  You know, I've talked to some of my Ole Miss friends in and around the District of Colombia, and we've all conceded that this city needs a guy like Andy Kennedy to keep our shitty cab drivers in line.  District of Colombians, observe the following potential situations:

-What?  You're going to drive a mile in the wrong direction and then get pissy at me for not tipping well?  Meet my friend Andy.  KAFACEPUNCHED

-Excuse me?  You're going to read a newspaper and chat on your bluetooth while careeening your land yacht through downtown traffic.  Not while Andy is here!  SKASMACKYOUINTHEMOUTH


It could work, and these cab drivers deserve it. 

After long hiatus, Caracter shows signs he could salvage career |
"In only his second game since March 2008, Derrick Caracter notches a double-double against the No. 20 team in the nation. UTEP gives the once-troubled phenom a second chance, and it might get him into the NBA after all, Gary Parrish says."  That's the byline as stolen directly from CBS.  Like BHGP says, "it's not plaigirism if you link to it."

SEC Lands Nine On NCBWA Team | SEC Sports News
The SEC had nine baseball players chosen on the NCBWA Preseason Team (full title: National Collegiate Baseball Writers Association Pro-Line Athletic Preseason All-America team), including First Team selection Preston Tucker of Florida.  Drew "fuckin' Google it" Pomeranz was named a second-team starting pitcher.  Congrats, Drew.

Byron Bennett commits | Brandt
Bennett, a solid defensive tackle prospect out of Madison Central, has committed to our coaching staff.  He has also said that he plans on doing some recruiting for Ole Miss on his own.  Get it, Byron.  I like seeing a guy who is so vested in the interests of the program that he has committed to that he wants to actually bring some guys in himself. 

College Bowl Game for Jackson | NEMS360 dot com
Ok, whoever's behind this, I've got two bits of tid for you: There are already too many bowls and Veterans Memorial Stadium is about as state-of-the-art as Sudan.  Bad call here.