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Rebel Roundup - 12/16/09

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Ole Miss vs. UTEP Preview | CBS Sports
What are you doing tonight?  The semester is over, South Park isn't airing a new episode, and you're naturally going to wait until tomorrow morning to listen to the first 20 minutes of Red Cup Radio before getting tired of us; so allow me to make a suggestion: Go to Southaven to watch the Rebels take on the Miners of UTEP.  This, along with our matchup against West Virginia on the 23rd, is our last big out of conference test before the rigors of SEC play so, if you're within an hour's drive of Memphian suburbia, don't be lame and be there for your Rebel basketball team.  We will bring you a preview of our own later today.

Weekly Watch: Week 4 | ESPN
ESPN's weekly watch gives the Kansas State Wildcats, a team whose only loss comes to our Rebels, some mad props and says this in its places to be segment:

Southaven, Miss., Wednesday: UTEP, my personal sleeper, travels to the suburbs of Memphis to play Ole Miss in an attempt to get some national recognition. This should be one of the better games of the week between two teams that have had little national profile so far but could make some noise in March.

You see!  Even ESPN says so!  DO NOT BE A BAD REBEL.

Cotton Bowl Practice: The Rise of Tig | Brandt
We've talked to some folks and Brandt has only confirmed what they've told us: Tig is tearing it up in practice.  And not just as a safety, where he is apparently playing well, but also as a halfback.  Per the Cup's rapscallion of a rival, took his very first handoff in practice to the house.  Welcome back, Tig.  Stay out of trouble and you'll do well here.  Also beyond that link are some interesting notes on Patrick Trahan, Raymond Cotton, and others.  That, and epically ridiculous Clarion Ledger comments threads, but that's to be expected by now.

Dexter McCluster and John Jerry, 3rd Team AA | More Brandt
Briefly, Dexter McCluster was named a 3rd team All-American All-Purpose Back and John Jerry named a 3rd team Tackle.  Congratulations, Dex and Baby J.